Are You Longing for a Simpler Time?

Me, too! It’s election time again and I can’t remember a time when such anger towards systems, issues and groups of people seems to be about ready to burst at the seams. It's enough to make me angry!

But that isn't who we want to be -

meanwhile in the comments sectionsteeped in anger. I know I have to actively digest more positive information than negative, especially on the Internet.

Jesus told us to love God and love others as we love ourselves. Maybe you don’t have the same beliefs that I do, but the message is undeniably beautiful.

For us, this becomes a choice every day. We choose to try to understand our “neighbor” and what is bothering them. We can choose to respect their issues just as we would in a  face-to-face conversation. And if we make enemies along the way, we can choose to pray for them. We can also stay away from communities and conversations that are like a bee hive that someone just beat with a stick. Staying informed is important to. We don't have to get involved in the personal attacks.

Still, it seems that the people living in my past were happier - like those images we see vintage woman carrying a fall harvest of applesof women working about their homes or farms. Or of little rosy-cheeked children sledding in the snow as portrayed in images of a more Victorian era. I love the feeling I get when I listen to old phonograph music. 

I get a feeling of optimism and almost a deja vu for years that I NEVER actually lived during. I mean, they were way before my time.

We know that people are human and there were just as many problems back then as there are now. Some of the problems were different, some the same. But still everyone everywhere at all times in history had problems.

Is this a bad thing, then, when we long for something that isn’t really grounded in reality? Studies say “no”.  They seem to confirm that the pursuit of nostalgia does not cause depression and even encourages optimism. Remembering sunshine-y days through our rose-colored glasses can even give your future a burst of energetic optimism.

Yay for that! It is good to know that the things you love are actually good for you!

If you agree that nostalgia can be a positive force in your life, please join with us by commenting below and share some of the ways you do that. Is it decorating? Books you read? Movies that you watch? Or music that you listen to? I would love to know!

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