How to Find the Answer to "What work will make me content?"

rustic typewriter on a rustic deskTen years ago I started working a job that I had taken to “fix” our family budget. I loved working at that company as they are considered pretty great employers by some of the best standards. My supervisor was the best, the benefits were awesome, and the insurance and employee discounts were great.


The years went by and coworkers would comment that it was such a good place to work that even if  you dreamed of doing something else with your life, it could lull you into staying way too long. Other coworkers who had been there a long time told me that they would love to do other things but the insurance was so good they could not quit.


That scared me! I did not want to stay for the wrong reasons.


I quit. I had to tighten our budget A LOT! But I was grateful to my husband and family for the support/sacrifices that were being made so that I could start a business that I dreamed of. Now, I am not saying that you should do this now. You should do what is right for YOU.


In starting my business I have not only been studying about various business topics (marketing, planning, retail, the maker industry, social media), but I needed to learn about myself and how I am wired.


rustic desk with coffee and ipadSome things I did in this voyage of self-discovery was to learn more about my natural gifts. I recommend you do this too before making drastic changes (learning this stuff WILL cause drastic changes...for the good):



  • Test yourself: I found two resources that I think are invaluable. will reveal how you already work. It is based on instinct and that is how you should take the test. Don’t think about your answer. Choose the first thing that applies. The results are given to you in such a lovely positive manner, you will be in a good mood on completion! Spend a little extra money and get a list of careers that match the way you work. Kolbe Index A + Career $65. is a spiritual gifts test. Can you throw a party like nobody’s business? Do you find yourself teaching people at every turn? Those things that some may have even criticized you for could be exactly what God placed in you that should be multiplied. Free.
  • Make a list: Go through your books on your shelves, your bookmarks in your browser and write down the titles. Write down the Facebook groups you belong to. Write down what you are doing when you have free time. Write down the topics that make you excited even if you haven’t done them yet. Compose a list of your passions.
  •  Pray for wisdom: You may not believe the way that I do and that is OK. But I believe we are all spiritual and that God designed us and wants us to love other people through our gifts and talents. Ask for Him to reveal a pattern or patterns and ultimately a direction. He loves His children and loves to give us wisdom. Sometimes we need to slow down ask and then wait expectantly.



Don’t think you are being self-centered, selfish, etc. If this helps you love and accept who you are in order that you can love and accept others for who they are, this is a necessary first step.


I pray blessings and wisdom for you!

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