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Ok, this article is going to be so much fun for you! We are going to share some of the places that we know to get materials to work on in doing CRAFTING WITH REPURPOSED MATERIALS. In most cases, these things were destined for the trash! Doesn't that make you feel like a decent member of society, now?!

Granite, marble, stone:  Counter top installation  places carry all kinds of granite and marble and composite-type stone for your custom stone countertopscounters. But they also end up with lots and lots of SCRAP PIECES from really big to pretty small mostly irregular pieces.

There are several of these businesses in our area. One of them puts the DUMPSTER with all of the scraps out by the road. I still went in and asked if it was OK for me to take the scraps. They said that it was very OK! Another place in our area had a pile of stone in front of their place of business. I asked and they said "no". Definitely ASK to make sure, especially for the stone.

Wood: If your city has a WAREHOUSE DISTRICT, lots of businesses in this area will make a pile used palletsof scrap wood, pallets, and lumber out in front. Again, it never hurts to ask. Lee uses repurposed wood to make his boxes. You can look for these piles of unwanted wood at other places besides the warehouse district. We have found them out by the dumpster at our local SMALL BOX HARDWARE STORE.

Rocks from the ground: If there are rocks on the ground in a public area/park, you need to look up the rules about that area. For instance, in TACOMA you MAY NOT REMOVE rocks from the rocks at a beachbeach or any public parks. So CHECK THE RULES for the area you intend to collect from. Rocks are awesome for engraving on, painting, and using them for image transfer projects.

Wine bottles: You can ask your LOCAL PUB if they have any spare wine bottles they would be willing to donate. If you were going to create bottle crafts to sell, you could make an arrangement with repurposed wine bottlesseveral PUBS to pick up however often you both agree. I LET my FRIENDS KNOW that I was engraving glass, and people just started donating them to me! Not just wine bottles...but lots of other kinds of bottles, too. I de-label the bottles, cut them, and then either sandblast them or engrave on them.

Anything you purchase from YOUR LOCAL THRIFT STORE is another way to repurpose or upcycle items. I have purchased wooden frames from thrift storeplain glass vases and engraved on them or sandblasted them into very pretty vases. I have purchased ceramic cups and done the same.

Look at the home decor shelves for wood items to do pyrography on. There is so much you can do with the various items from a second-hand store.

There is so much you can do, and repurposing is really fun. Aside from the labor you put into it, the materials are nearly free! If you are doing a small business and these are your materials, you've just cut your overhead.

Hopefully, this has got your mind to a-thinking! There are so many ways and I only tapped a few here. Where could you find your next materials for a project you're thinking of? Share below!

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  • Nikki Rae on

    This is so cool! I didn’t realize there were so many resources to get materials for crafts! Thank you for sharing!

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