Rug Hooking, Punching...What’s in a Name?

oxford punch tool Rug punching wall hanging yarn

Remember that I posted some photos of Lee making me a frame for rug hooking? Well, I used that frame. I used it like it’s never been used before!


Here is the final rug/really-it’s-a-wallhanging before I have taken it out of the frame and finished the edges. A couple of things to note: I used scraps that my sister, Laura, an avid crocheter, gave to me. I created the folk art design on the iPad, then I looked at the colors I had and added those to the design. I used that as my guide when choosing my yarn. Basically, I made all of the decisions before I started hooking (yes, I said it).


First, I can see some flaws and I want to point out that the background color should be so much of a contrast that you can easily see it separate from the pattern. I did not do that! And you can tell - you can barely make out the foreground from the background. Also, my stitches are not even. I forgave myself. I just started!


This project was so much fun that I highly recommend anyone giving it a shot. Whether you choose your yarn to purchase or you use scraps, you will definitely enjoy the rug-hooking thing.


Close up of rug hooking wall hanging from an angle


Close up of rug hooking wall hanging from another angle

Zoomed out shot of rug hooking wall hanging from the top down

Close up of rug hooking wall hanging from the top down 

Standing in front of the wall hanging

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