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I love technology! I love tools. I really love a good user experience. Here’s an IOS feature that I just discovered: I copied a link on my phone and pasted it in my chrome browser on my iPad.

The reason this is a good user experience is because it is imitating something we would do in real life if we were cutting and pasting - it feels like the link was somehow attached to my finger physically - like I’m taking it from somewhere and pasting it somewhere else.

If you already use this feature, sorry (not sorry 😊). Otherwise, this is what you do:

1. Have iCloud turned on for your devices. One device has to be talking to the other. The “saving” is happening in the cloud

2. On the device that has the link to be copied, press your finger until you get the menu. If you are copying a link from a browser, the menu will offer “copy” as a choice right away. Touch that.

3. On your second device, open the browser and press your finger. This brings up “paste” as a menu. GET THIS: it works if I am copying from Chrome to Safari or the other way around! Choose paste and it puts the link in there.

4. I just tried this by copying text from a message on my phone into “notes” on the iPad. And it worked! Cool!

Ok, now I’m going back to designing a couple of free downloadables for you.

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