We DIY and we show you how.

Sure, we offer our hand-crafted, upcycled products for sale BUT we also show you how to make these things on your own.

Studies show that crafting encourages a positive healthy mental state.

Now you can feel good about decorating your space in one of two different ways! First, if you have found something at our store that you would love to have or to gift, you can buy that perfect, upcycled item. Or, if you LOVE making things with your hands (like we do), you can watch our videos and keep or gift your masterpieces!

Lee and Linda Taylor started Lee and Linda Work as an expression of the God-given creative spirit they believe everyone has. They want you to know that you are creative and making brings so much pleasure to your life.

Lee has a degree in art and brings his unique style to woodworking.

Linda has a love for designing and tools. She creates much of the original designs and works with Lee on projects.

While they also work with new material, their joy is finding and reclaiming materials into functional art and decor.

Lee & Linda have been married since 1992. They have four awesome grown human children, three canine children, and three feline kids. Someday they want goats and horses, etc.

God is everything to them.