Your Child’s Artwork Engraved
Your Child’s Artwork Engraved
Your Child’s Artwork Engraved
Your Child’s Artwork Engraved
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Your Child’s Artwork Engraved

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Welcome to Lee & Linda Work!

No more art on the fridge? Who are we kidding? Of course you’ll still put their art all over that fridge. But what about picking one of your favorites that tickles you pink and having us engrave it as a picture for your child’s bedroom...(really, it’s to keep forever!)

We take your child's actual artwork and hand-router it into MDF and then we hand paint it (if your child did paint the original) to match. We can also engrave line drawings with no color if you prefer.

This listing is for a large picture. Smaller pictures are coming soon.

Frame and hanging:

It comes with a rustic wood frame and wire and screw eyes for hanging.

Approx. Dimensions: 19” width; 28.5” height; 1” depth; 6 lbs weight

What you can do to prepare for your order:

1. Get your cell phone out and take a photo of the picture preferably on a flat surface in front of a north-facing window. (If you don’t have one of those, any window will do). Please avoid direct sunlight as it will wash the colors. Try to take a non-blurry photo, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. We don’t want you to stress about this one!

2. Contact us once done, and we will send you a link or instructions to upload that photo to us.

Yes, it’s that simple!