images of vegetables engraved on recycled countertop stone
images of vegetables engraved on recycled countertop stone
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reclaimed countertop stone with vegies spoon rest

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Reclaimed Countertop Stone with Vegies Spoon Rest

This beautiful one of a kind spoon rest is handcrafted from repurposed countertop stone. We hand-engraved our original design onto this piece of stone. "Repurposed how?" you ask. We discovered that our local countertop store puts their pieces of broken unusable granite, marble, composite, etc. out so that others can use it if they are so inclined. We were very inclined! We are also grateful to them and they are Washington Marble Works in lovely Sumner, Washington.

These are broken but we think they are kind of cool looking, even beautiful. 

This one has original images of vegetables hand-engraved on it. It really looks like chalkboard art because the engraving almost looks white against the black of the stone.

This tile is approximately 9"w x 5"h x 1.5"d. The back is fitted with a piece of felt to protect your counter!

The engraving is permanent but because of the felt, this item must be wiped clean. Please note that this is repurposed stone, so each one is a little different.


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